Tuesday, 29 July 2014

We finally made it

In case you think that we are trapped, incommunicado, in a Sargasso Sea of blanket weed somewhere on the Chesterfield Canal, this is a brief blog to report that we did finally make it to the head of the navigation. Things did improve markedly once we were past Retford and the Forest Locks (though there were still a few sticky patches) and the final day's assault on the 26 locks up through Shireoaks and Turnerwood were stunning.
We had a fascinating afternoon's walk along the route of the old canal, tracking the remains of the tunnel and then following the skeletal remains of the Norwood locks down the other side.
And today we have come right back down through 33 locks to find ourselves the other side of Worksop. But, as ever, there's precious little 3G signal (we cruised the last mile, phone in hand to find somewhere to moor with a rudimentary signal) so photos and a more in depth review will have to wait.

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