Monday, 6 April 2015

All hands on deck

Cheers! First time this year, out on the deck in the sun enjoying a beer
Phew, what a scorcher! as Private Eye would say. For the first time this year we've had the chairs out on deck and been able to sit, cold beer in hand, enjoying the sun.
After a few days in Stourport we are trickling slowly back towards Stourbridge to get our damaged rudder looked at. It's been an enjoyable few days here in the only town in Britain to have been created solely because of the coming of the canals.
Moored in Stourport basin with the magnificent Lapal behind us
For our final night we dropped down into the basins and managed to find one of the absurdly scarce visitor moorings. Here we were alongside a stunning tug 'Lapal' whose master cabinetmaker owner had fitted it out himself – and the result was unquestionably the most exquisite boat I've seen. Not just beautifully made but so carefully thought out in so many little ways. Made us feel very, very envious!
Now that's what you call a mooring ring Brian
Stourport was humming with visitors over the holiday weekend, though most confined themselves to the fairground and the park for the basins were very quiet. We took a walk southwards down the river and found remnants of various old wharves and moorings that used to line the edges of Stourport. The huge power station that received coal supplies from the canal has vanished completely though, with new houses in its place. Close by, a large collection of derelict brick buildings are what's left of a vinegar works.
A boat with a difference – no windows! They're all done the other side
But finally, after a visit to the launderette (most towns don't have any these days: bizarrely, Stourport has two) and a last shop at Lidl, we were off.
The journey back has been a lot easier than the trip down. No fallen tree, no drained pounds. Just sunshine and plenty of water. And another view of the steam train high above. Tonight we are moored once more at Wolverley, a village once known as a centre of nail making.
The Severn Valley Line steam train heads across the canal viaduct


  1. Glad you enjoyed Stourport.
    We will be casting off from there on Wednesday so may see you on the Staffs & Worcs if you are coming back down that way. FoTV.

  2. Gosh....Brian is getting good with that camera (-: