Thursday, 17 September 2015

A bad day at the office

Yesterday was the sort of day that made us wonder if we were in the wrong game - or maybe the wrong boat.
It was a day of almost incessant struggle as we dragged a reluctant Harry from Great Haywood to Gailey. I say dragged because the canal was more a silt filled ditch than a waterway for us in a three foot deep boat. It seemed worse than on our passage earlier this year and that was slow and sludgy with stretches of reeds and debris in every bridge hole.
The low point was when we tried to moor for lunch at some piling and got so badly aground it took half  an hour of poleing, rocking and revving to get free.
Afternoon saw more locks and as the day drew on so the pounds got lower. We were getting stuck on the entry to every lock and the pole kept coming out. We barely made it through the last couple.
Ah well the sun is shining  now so hopefully today will be better.

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