Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Back on the curly-wurlies

Coming up Bank Newton with fine distant views
We are back in our favourite location, the contour-squirming, 'curly wurlies' where the canal meets the Pennine Way and the views are breathtaking in any direction you happen to look.
Our 'northern daughter' joined us at Skipton for a few days' boating – little did she know she was in for some hefty lockwork and a few strongarm swingbridges as well to get us up from Skipton to where we are now. Tee hee!
They told me it would be a relaxing break
We haven't rushed – who would or could in the scorchio weather we've had these last few days. We spent last night in the pretty village of Gargrave, planning to catch a bus back to Skipton to retrieve daughter's car. Its due time of 16.56 arrived..and passed. Twenty minutes later it still hadn't come - and the 'text when your bus is due' service just kept telling us it was imminent, so we abandoned and hurried to the train station instead. Outbound by boat had taken three hours. Returning on the train took nine minutes.
This morning we set off up the remaining Gargrave locks, unfortunately still trailing the same slowcoach CRT workboat we'd followed yesterday. Seemingly it was headed for the top of the next flight, the six Bank Newton locks where the top lock's ground paddles needed repair. Accompanied by half the CRT workforce, by the look of things. We had three driving the workboat, then three more come to do the actual work and a couple of manager types as well to do whatever manager types do. And, let's just say, nothing seemed to be happening at a rush.
The view from the Bank Newton locks is superb, looking out at Flasby Fell in the distance. Just three weeks ago we went walking up there on a hike out from Skipton.
We were followed along the locks by a young family walking the towpath: mum, dad, infant and toddler in pushchair. Eventually, when we moored they caught up with us. Seems they live in Bradford and come out every month or so to walk a new stretch of the canal - they started in Leeds and aim to walk the whole way to Liverpool! Hopefully they'll manage it before their six year old starts saying 'do we have to?'.
We are on the Pennine Way once again
Once moored it was time for more car retrieval: this time a walk back along the Pennine Way to Gargrave then a drive to East Marton just up the canal and finally a stroll back along the towpath to the boat. An enjoyable walk on a glorious day. And if I hadn't forgotten my wallet we could have had a pint en route too.

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  1. 'hope this isn't TOO personal, but even to a middle-aged, ginger puff, your daughter is beautiful!