Tuesday, 21 May 2013

After three long years in the preparation...

...At 4.30 p.m. today we finally set off on our travels in our big tug Harry.

It was three years ago almost to the day that we first came upon the forlorn burned out wreck that was Harry. Then it looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

But it has all been the most ludicrous amount of work - far more than we ever expected. (Optimistically, we thought it would take about six months, never three years!)
Finally, at last and really we are away. After a day of faffing around shopping for last minute bits and paying our final chandlery bill we left Streethay Wharf at 4.30p.m. today.
At 6.30 we pulled up for the night just six miles away at Hopwas. Not far away but our first ever night out in the wild in Harry. And tomorrow we meet our first locks.


  1. Looks great well done...and enjoy the maiden voyage. Seems to me that you missed out on champagne and banners when you left Streethay. But what do we call Starman and his crew now that its Harry? and when does Brian make his first appearance of the new blog? Have a great trip...we await the regular updates.

  2. What a superb job, and you did nearly all yourself, a considerable achievement, looking forward to seeing more photos


  3. Hi Harryman,
    Just seen your post on the CWDF with the wreck pictures! Wow what a transformation is there more to see anywhere of the work you carried out ?
    Cheers for sharing.