Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Well that didn't last long!

Day two started well – but ended badly.

After an hour's cruising we negotiated our first two locks in Harry with no problem and pottered on through the seemingly endless miles of Tamworth. And then the temperature gauge started to climb, the engine started to run rougher and steam began to rise from the header tank.
We pulled over and I started the usual checks, knowing deep down that it wasn't an air lock or a stuck thermostat or another of those simple issues but almost certainly a blown head gasket.
Which is what it seems to be, with traces of oil in the coolant as the tell-tale sign.

Still it's not all bad news, we limped to Alvecote Marina where we are moored up while I set to on repairs – and the good news is, it has an excellent pub with a fine menu. We've just got back from dinner there and already things don't seem quite so bad.

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