Friday, 23 August 2013


Nice waterway, shame about the lock landings. That's our verdict after today's little contretemps. We came in to moor up at the Chertsey lock landing and, too late, I spotted that the overhanging edge was coming straight at our cabin side. Bang! we clumped it and left two nasty scrapes down the pristine paintwork.
And when we moored up for the night I noticed a matching pair of scrapes on the other side which we must have banged on an earlier lock.
I'm not entirely sure why the lock landing edges have to overhang at all - and so much: the one at Chertsey would have still bashed us even if we had substantial fenders down. Maybe we need to do what the plastics do and run with huge balloons in knitted socks dangling everywhere. Or the hippy boat trick of hanging old tyres off the sides.
Ah well, just have to get out the touch up paint.


  1. Did exactly that with Warrior at Eynsham. Noble battle scars!