Thursday, 29 August 2013

Spot the Brian

Just in case, Brian is the one in the red collar (I think)
Brian; meet Charlie. Charlie; meet Brian!
We always thought our Brian was a one-off, not simply because of his, er, singular personality traits but also because of his looks – a sort of long legged dachshund (sorry, Brian) or Jack Russell with more than a hint of German sausage dog to him.
But then, on the riverside towpath at Reading, we met Charlie, or Charleston to give him his full moniker and Brian met his doppelganger.
Like Brian, Charlie is a rescue dog – his owner actually found him wandering at the roadside after he'd been chucked out of a car.
He's four so a little less grey round the gills than 12 year old Brian. But they frisked happily around each other with the usual displays of canine affection, bottom sniffing and mutual pissing, until it was time to exchange final pees and say cheerio.

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  1. Do you think they knew they looked like each other?