Saturday, 12 April 2014

But times haven't changed here

You know that feeling when you come back from a great holiday; so much time seems to have passed; you've done so much; got so many memories. Then you get to work, sit down at your desk and within minutes reality comes pouring back and you realise that actually you've only been away a couple of weeks and in your world of work nothing has changed at all.
Well, in the nicest possible way, that's what it has been like coming back to Bill Fen Marina at Ramsey after nearly five years away. We are in a different boat, we've refitted it, cruised it around most of southern England and got a bit older and a bit creakier but within a few minutes of arriving it feels like we can only have been away a couple of weeks. So little has changed. The boats, the people, the surroundings all hardly altered.
And that's wonderful for Bill Fen is a little oasis in what can at times be a bleak, flat and windswept part of the country. Over the years John and Lyn Shotbolt have landscaped, planted and nurtured a beautiful spot, rich with trees, flowers and birds. In the time we've been away it has only got better; there are more trees, a couple more ponds, more flowers. It's a lovely spot and great to be back – and of course say hello to a few old mates as well.
Tomorrow we will head into Ramsey and somehow I can't imagine the sleepy little town will have changed much either. And I rather hope it hasn't.

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