Sunday, 20 April 2014

Wandering on the Wissey

Winding down the Wissey
We woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the roof. Not another change in the weather.  After yesterday's sunshine and a starry clear night, the morning had dawned flat, grey and wet. I lay in bed and listened to the Chinese GP on Radio Five Live – it was as dull as the weather!
It wasn't until after lunch that the rain finally shifted away for good and we set off to explore the closest of the Great Ouse tributaries, the River Wissey. It's also the prettiest of them –the water is delightfully clear so you can spot fishes swimming among the weeds. It's a winding river, often tree-lined and narrow especially in its first few miles. But hopefully not so narrow that we won't find somewhere to turn at the end!

The captain steering his ship
We've only come a couple of miles down it to an EA mooring at the little Norfolk village of Hilgay. It's a sleepy and somewhat dishevelled little place that reminds one of those frayed round the edges hamlets you find in rural France. Except that it doesn't have a little bar that serves cheap wine and steak frites. In Hilgay the pub has shut down, so has the garage and the hotel restaurant is now a B&B. The village butcher is still going, though, and we will help keep him that way by calling in when he's next open.
Not much to tell today, then, except to add that I am writing this in the increasingly forlorn hope that I will ever get an internet connection. Despite having three 'blobs' of signal I can't get a connection at all. Someone else in Hilgay must be using the 3G system! So when you're out in the sticks, forget 4G and keep your fingers crossed you might be able to find 1G.
FOOTNOTE: After watching the spinning wheel of no connection for an hour and with my battery just about run down the other person in Hilgay using 3 Mobile finally went to bed and my connection came alive again!

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  1. Despite rain and an elusive 3G it does sound like an spot worth exploring. But the forecast for the next few days is not too good . So may be, if you can haul up somewhere with a reasonable signal you could hunker down in the peaceful surrounds and enjoy a good book. As for F1, I started to loose interest last year and this year, with all the shenanigans off circuit and a less excitement on track it will no longer be a 'cannot miss' event.