Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Grand designs meets the fens

The sleepy little hamlet of Prickwillow by the side of the River Lark has no shop, no pub, no school, no post office and just half a dozen streets but what it does have is remarkable collection of strikingly designed and in some cases award winning modern houses.
We were last here ten years ago and there were just three; now there are twice that number. Here are the current crop:

This pair are next door neighbours both designed by Ellis Miller. Both are steel and glass construction with movable internal walls. He built the bottom one, with the external blinds, first as a weeked retreat for himself. (You can rent it as a holiday cottage says Google) and then the second for artist Mary Reyner-Banham, widow of renowned architectural theorist Reyner Banham. Both are award winning designs.

The Black House is another award winner and just down the road from these two and was designed by Meredith Bowles, founder of Mole Architects. It takes inspiration from the simple shapes and colours of agricultural barns.
As, presumably does this terrace of houses, with their subtle colour washed weatherboarding, that are again in the same street. (A street incidentally that also has bungalows and social housing in its short length.)
I also spotted this stylish little design, once again in weatherboarding, which joins a small bungalow to its adjacent pottery studio.

And finally there is Grebe House, a 2008 built eco-house that takes full advantage of its riverside location with a large upstairs balcony that also looks out across the fens to Ely Catherdral in the distance. It's just sold for £380,000.

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  1. Nice architecture (well for the most part). I guess our local Planners here would run a mile from such ideas which is a great shame.