Monday, 8 July 2013

A late night and an early morning

We went on just a tad too long last night, finishing off the Coventry Canal – and passing lots of moorings on the way – and pressing on in the gathering gloom through Sutton Stop and onto the North Oxford. Where moorings can be hard to find - especially in a deep draughted boat because the canal edges are often shallow.
"You didn't tell me that," said the skipper "when I said 'let's keep going'!" In the end we dug ourselves in on a bend, with the bows a couple of feet out and the stern hanging six feet out into the channel. Oh, and pylon power cables overhead and the motorway a background roar. We were too knackered to worry. A couple of large glasses of wine and off to bed.
This morning we set off smartly (for us) well before nine to head for lunch and some Tesco shopping at Rugby. Which, of course, only served to give the skipper more ammunition for her long running "I-love-Lidl" campaign. So the next mooring has to be within walking distance of a Lidl. I hope I don't die of starvation before we find one.
Tonight we're in Braunston where we move briefly onto the Grand Union before heading onto the southern Oxford towards, er, Oxford.

PS Brian fans will be pleased to know that a member of his fan club recognised him as we passed through Rugby. "Ooh, it's Brian the Dog I recognised" she exclaimed with delight.
He's been basking in the glory all afternoon. Or is he just basking in the sun?

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