Sunday, 21 July 2013

I want an iPhone - or do I?

I want an iPhone; have done for years. But last year I fell in the cut and drowned my phone so I bought a waterproof Samsung instead. A basic, simple, not-very-smart phone but that is water and dust proof. I proved its dust proofing by submerging it in sawdust for months while restoring Harry.
Now I've proved its waterproof dropping it in the River Thames. I managed to fumble-finger it over the side while we were moored up and, rather than lose it, slipped on some swimming shorts and went in to have a search.
Fortunately the river bottom was solid and after a quick prod about, I felt it, fished it out...and discovered I had a new message! Yes, it's still working perfectly despite being in three feet of Thames water for 15 minutes.
So do I stick with my Samsung or risk getting an iPhone? With my track record on phones and water I reckon I'm better sticking with what I've got.

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