Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Down river

Self-service during the lockie's lunch hour is a chance to try the clever pole technique for opening and closing gates - saves a lot of walking
A quiet but very hot and humid day heading back down river towards Oxford. We woke to faint rumbles of thunder but no more rain and what storms we saw have done little to raise the river or speed its flow. It's still shallow and docile.
Tonight, after 12 miles and four locks we're back under the shadow of Swinford Toll Bridge ready for a trip into Oxford by bus tomorrow.....to buy a new phone.
My praise for my waterproof Samsung was premature. The Thames found its Achilles Heel: the water resistant plug that covers the charger socket has long been damaged and sure enough river water penetrated here. The phone worked fine until the battery went flat but now refuses to charge and just beeps pitifully at me.
At least I learned how to take the phone apart to see if I could fix it: I can't.
So tomorrow in Oxford I may treat myself to an iPhone - but on the other hand I've already lost two phones in the drink so dare I trust myself?

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