Monday, 8 July 2013

Nuneaton mess

I have never seen so many dead plastic bottles floating in the cut as we did in Nuneaton. There were hundreds; clusters at every bridge hole and more drifting along in the stream.
Now it would be easy to blame the scrotes but if that's the reason then Nuneaton-ites must have a massive consumption of energy drinks. My reckoning is that a) there was a bottle race at some point in the past or b) a strange physical phenomenon known as 'bottle clustering' causes it. I'm going for this one - time to commission some research.
On a healthier note than high-carb energy drinks, Nuneaton also boats an astonishing number of allotments, most of them carefully tended, along its canalsides.
And compared with the last time we passed through, the town does seem to be on the up. Slightly. All the same it does seem to turn its back in embarrassment on the canal and tries to pretend it's not there instead of embracing it as a community resource.

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