Thursday, 11 July 2013

Brian stages a walk to rule protest

Brian consults a fellow ship's dog about walking to rule
The world wide web is struggling to reach Cropredy, the pretty Oxfordshire village where we moored last night so it's a belated blog.
The highlight of an otherwise quiet day was that Brian staged a 'Walk to Rule'.
"I have been in communication with my brother ship's dogs about the amount of walking we are being asked to do between locks which is well beyond the terms and conditions of our pet-dog contracts," he told us. (We understand dog-gerel of course.)
"We are being asked to walk backwards and forwards in extreme heat conditions and even to assist in locking duties by having our leads tied to the lock beams in the expectation that we will assist in pulling. This change in our duties has been imposed by management without proper consultation.
"Therefore my brothers and I have decided that our pay rates should be increased by two biscuits a day and that we should have a compulsory rest period of one hour at midday. Unless we can reach agreement we have agreed by a show of paws to walk to rule."
Which he did, refusing to walk quickly, stopping to sniff whenever possible and taking frequent toilet breaks.
He now gets two biscuits a day!

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  1. Here's to Brian Power.....but may be that mid day break should stretch to two hours in these 'hot climes'